If you want to live with sunshine throughout 365 days of the year, you should go ahead and buy a piece of land in Florida. However, Florida is not considered as the cheapest state for living. You will have to spend money out of your pocket to experience the quality of life offered in Florida. However, it doesn’t mean that people who wish to purchase cheap land in Florida don’t have any options at all. To help you with purchasing cheap land in Florida, we will share some of the best options available out there to consider as of now. You can simply go through these places and pick the best one out of them for purchasing cheap land within Florida.

Cape Coral

Cape Coral is located in the southern region of Florida. In fact, it is located in close proximity to Fort Myers. People tend to call this city as the Waterfront Wonderland. That’s because it is possible for you to discover over 400 miles of canals that in this city. As of now, Cape Coral has got a population of around 175,000 as well. Apart from the ability to purchase a cheap land, you will also be able to enjoy safe living conditions in here as well.

One of the best things about living in Cape Coral is that you can receive a perfect sunny weather throughout the entire year. You will even be able to reach the Walt Disney World with just a road trip. All the basic facilities that are needed for you are available in Cape Coral. Hence, we can highly recommend it as a great place to buy cheap land and proceed with constructing your home. You will never regret about the decision to buy land in Cape Coral and build your home.

Fort Meade

Fort Meade is another cheap city in Florida, where you will be able to buy land without spending a fortune. This city is quite popular for the safe living conditions offered for the residents. This is not the largest city in the state. In fact, it is among the smaller cities that you can find within Polk County. Due to the same reason, living in Fort Meade can be quite different to living in one of the large cities.

The close location of Fort Meade to Tampa would transform it into a perfect place for enjoying your stay. In fact, it will be possible for the people who buy land in Fort Meade to reach Tampa within just an hour or two.

Even though the land prices here in Fort Meade are cheap, you don’t find a lot of people living in the city as well. According to recent statistical studies, only around 10,000 people are living in the city. Therefore, you will be able to call it pretty much similar to a rural city.


Most people who are looking to buy land in Florida are keen to proceed with buying properties located near sea as much as possible. If you have such a requirement, you should be taking a look at Edgewater. Properties located near the beach are relatively more expensive. However, you will be able to change the perception that you have about such properties by purchasing your land in Edgewater. That’s because Edgewater will be able to help you with purchasing a piece of land without spending too much of money out of your pocket.

Edgewater is located in between Cape Canaveral and Dayton Beach. This is a small town, which you can discover in the eastern cost of the state. Due to affordable land prices, we can see how lots of families are coming into Edgewater in the recent past. This town is a safe and quiet place to live in. Apart from cheap land, you can discover excellent job prospects and decent schools here in Edgewater as well. On top of everything, the rate of violent crimes taking place here in Edgewater are low when compared to other areas of the country.


Jacksonville is among the largest cities that you can see in the United States as of now. This city is providing some great opportunities for the people who are keen to buy cheap land as well. As of now, the population of Jacksonville is over 911,000. Hence, you can call it as the most populous city that you can find in Florida as of now.

You will fall in love with the idea of staying here in Jacksonville. For example, it is offering amazing beaches that span across an area of 850 square miles. On top of that, you can find unique cultural communities and award-winning restaurants here in Jacksonville as well. Life in Jacksonville is quite different from what you can experience in the large scale cities. That’s because Jacksonville has been able to retain its overall affordability along with time. Along with that, the prices of land available for state in Jacksonville haven’t gone up significantly. Therefore, we encourage all the people who wish to buy cheap land in Florida to take a look at Jacksonville as well.


You might be surprised to find the name of Orlando in this list, but it is a city that is offering numerous opportunities for the people who wish to buy cheap land without spending a fortune. There is no need to think twice before you can come to Orlando and enjoy your time with loved family members. That’s because you will be able to find a casual and laid-back atmosphere here in Orlando. On top of that, numerous job opportunities are available in Orlando as well. The amount you spend to buy land in Orlando will be a good investment, and you will never regret about it. You just need to make your decision and enjoy the benefits that would come on your way along with time.

You can buy a piece of land in Orlando without breaking your bank. It is even possible for you to buy a house at an affordable price tag. For example, the median home price here in Orlando is only around $233,000.


Gainesville is an outstanding city in Florida for the people to live in. This is the city that hosts the University of Florida. You will even be able to see Santa Fe College located in here. This is one of the cheapest and safest places available for you to live in Florida as of now. If you can take a look at the prices of land in Gainesville, you will be able to get a better understanding on that.

Before you buy a land in Gainesville, you should figure out that it is not a small city. This city is located within the Alachua County. You will be able to get a big town feel after you construct your home in Gainesville and start living from here. You will also be impressed with the way how the city is catering to all the basic necessities that you have. In other words, you will never come across any major challenges when you are trying to find the amenities that you want. Even the cost of living here in Gainesville is 2% lower when compared to the national average cost of living.


Quincy is a small town, which you can find in the northern region of Florida. It is located within the Gadsden County. You may call this as a cheap place to live and enjoy your time in Florida as well. That’s because the median home value that you will have to bear when you are purchasing a house here in Quincy is only around $145,000. It will be possible for you to purchase a piece of land at a much lower price. Therefore, all the people who wish to purchase cheap land for sale in Florida can take a look at Quincy and what it is offering.

Back in the day, Quincy was recognized as one of the tobacco manufacturing hubs located within the state. However, things changed along with time. As of now, it is called as a hub of art and culture. One of the surprising things about Quincy is that it is an underrated city that you can discover in Florida. The population of the city as of now is just below 8,000. Due to the small size, you will easily be able to purchase cheap land for sale within Quincy.


Dunedin is a city that offers a relaxing and charming lifestyle to all people. Since you can purchase property at a cheaper price, there is no need to think twice before you take a look at this neighborhood for purchasing your next home. Dunedin will provide you the chance to purchase a piece of land that is located in close proximity to the sea as well. You will be able to see this city located in the northwestern coast of the state.

In case if you have long term plans to live within Dunedin under a tight budget, you may think about coming all the way to here. In this small beach town, you will notice how all facilities are available for you to secure an enjoyable stay. For example, you will notice how the cost of living in Dunedin is low. There is a low crime rate. Sending your kids to school will not be a problem because there are some excellent schools in the neighborhood. You cannot complain about the job prospects that are available in here as well.


Bartow is a city that is located around 40 miles away from Tampa in the eastern direction. If you are trying to access Bartow from Orlando, you will have to travel at a direction of 50 miles in the southwest direction. The population at Bartow is just above 20,000. You can find surprisingly low property prices in here as well. Hence, we can include this into one of the most affordable cities available in Florida to live as of now, without keeping any second thoughts in mind.

Another great thing about Bartow is tis quietness. You will never be disturbed while you are enjoying your time here in Bartow. On the other hand, you can discover some good schools, which are offering IB programs as well. The convenient location of Bartow within the Polk Country would also deliver some outstanding opportunities for you to purchase property in here without keeping a second thought in mind.

When you are trying to buy bare land in Bartow, you will be impressed with the options available. In fact, you will notice that there is something for everyone among the bare land options available for you to select. The economy of Bartow is continuously growing along with time, and the money you invest to buy your land would not be in vain.

Palm Bay

Palm Bay is located in the southern part of the state. This region is having a tropical rainforest climate. Hence, you can call it as an affordable and perfect place available for purchasing a home. A considerable percentage of the city is made out of water. However, you can still find some great pieces of land, which will be available to you with fascinating discounts. You can enjoy the sun while you are spending your time here at Palm Bay. On top of that, you will notice how you are surrounded by numerous recreational opportunities around you as well.

Final words

Now you know what neighborhoods that you will need to focus on while trying to purchase cheap land in Florida. Keep your eyes on these options, and you can easily end up with purchasing the best piece of land that is available for sale within the state. Then you can proceed with your property investment in Florida.


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