There are endless elements that could make you decide to move to Florida like if you desire to enjoy incredible beaches, swim with dolphins, go to soccer or professional baseball games, visit fantastic natural and aquatic parks, or delight yourself with varied gastronomy. In the end, Florida looks like the smartest call.

There are many reasons why a city can be ideal when choosing a place to spend the best years of your life and Miami is one of the most competitive destinations when weighing all these variants.

Let’s check out 10 reasons why this state has so much appeal, and why you should consider it when choosing your next home.

Variety of Neighborhoods

Let’s remember that the State of Florida has 67 counties. What many of us know as Miami, is in turn composed of many different neighborhoods, each with its own history, ethnicities, characteristics, and important places, depending on your tastes you can choose one or the other.

The state always has a perfect neighborhood for everyone, it will never disappoint you. Also in the outskirts of Miami, many residential areas are in continuous growth. Whatever you are looking for, Florida has it.


It is one of the most cosmopolitan states in the U.S., as all religions, creeds, and lifestyles converge in Miami and give an international air to the whole city. Wherever you come from, you will be comfortable walking through its streets.

Ideal vacation spot

Florida is not only a place where people come to stay and live, as it’s also a tourist spot of worldwide importance. Here, the culture of the immigrant and the vacationer come together to make strangers and locals feel at home.

Excellent weather conditions

Miami is called the City of the Sun for a reason. The weather is warm and cozy most of the year and you can stop worrying about winter clothes, you won’t need them at any time.

Dress code

Speaking of clothes, in most places in the state there is no dress code of any kind, one less thing to worry about and much more time to enjoy in this amazing paradise.

Lower taxes

It has been proven that any natural-born citizen living and working in Miami will pay up to 40% fewer taxes than someone living in New York City, for example, because Miami citizens are exempt from state-level taxes.

Bilingual treatment

Spanish is the second official language not only in the city but in all of the periphery and the state of Florida. If you do not speak English correctly you will feel at home because everywhere you go you will be able to communicate without problems.

Access to Show Business

There is no place in Miami where celebrities of music, movies, and national and international television stars do not visit. Many have properties in the city and others visit them very often, a golden opportunity to scratch a few autographs and meet your favorite celebrities.

Great Food

Unlike other parts of the United States where the food can be more pigeonholed to what Americans normally eat, the food in Miami is as cosmopolitan as its people. You can find places with excellent food from all over the world, at a variety of prices and above all, mostly attended by their own owners.

Growth and Investment Opportunities

The whole state of Florida it’s a golden opportunity for investors from all over the world and business opportunities are available almost at every corner and in every business sector you could think of.

For these and many more reasons Florida is the closest thing to the idea of the “American Dream” today.


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