If you are a person interested in purchasing farmland, you will notice that there are some amazing options to consider in the United States. However, the process of purchasing a farmland can be somewhat complicating as well because of the different options. You shouldn’t allow that to make you end up with spending your money to purchase a farmland that is not worth your money. That’s why we thought of sharing you with a list of top 10 places to purchase quality land for farming. You can go through the different types of farmlands that are available in these counties and then end up with getting the farmland you want.

  1. Polk County in North Carolina

We can highly recommend Polk County for the people who are interested in purchasing farmland in the United States. You will be lucky enough to get untouched farmland and continue to develop it from the scratch. This can deliver a rewarding experience to you at the end of the day as well. The scenic environment you can find in here would add more color to life as well. Hence, you will never feel like you have made an incorrect decision to purchase farmland available in Polk County.

Polk County is located in the foothills of Appalachians. Hence, you can find how a large number of tourists are getting attracted to here along with time as well. In fact, tourism is the main factor that is driving the economy of the country as of now. However, you will still be able to engage with farming because of the ideal environmental conditions offered. Finding farmland for purchase will not be a major challenge here in Polk County as well. The region is expected to grow significantly in the near future with tourism. This will add more value to the farmland that you are purchasing in Polk County as well.

  • Amador County in California

There are some outstanding farmlands available in California to purchase what you want. Out of them, Amador County is holding some of the most outstanding opportunities. You can discover a unique and outstanding environment here in Amador County. The best thing about purchasing a farmland here in Amador County is that you will get the opportunity to experience three completely different climates. They will provide assistance to you with getting the maximum returns out of your farmland as well. In other words, the ability to experience different climates will be able to help you with growing many different types of crops after your purchase.

If you are interested in growing wine, Amador County will be a great place available for purchasing your property. That’s because the land you buy in here would be perfect for growing wine. In fact, Amador County is recognized as one of the strongest producers of wine within the country as well. Hence, the decision you take to buy land in Amador County will not be something that you will regret about.

  • Garfield County in Oklahoma

At Garfield County, you can discover the Vance Air Force Base. Regardless of that, you can find some decent farming land opportunities here in Garfield County as well. Purchasing agricultural land will not be too expensive within Garfield County. If you can spend under $10,000, it will be possible for you to start your farming activities in here.

Wheat fields and horse pastures are adorning the countryside of Garfield County. On the other hand, you will see how most residents are living in acreages, which are quite popular for hard work and honesty. You can discover a rich history behind Garfield County as well. It is possible for you to explore that history and get the most out of your farmland.

  • Sac County in Iowa

Fields of soybean and golden corn is something that you can often see after the purchase of land in Sac County. You will be able to buy agricultural land and proceed with growing those crops as well. In fact, an ideal environment is available to you in Sac County for the growth of those crops without a problem. You can get profitable returns out of your agricultural activities as well.

If you are a person who loves rural areas, Sac County would be providing some great opportunities for you to purchase your farming land. Along with that, you can enjoy a warm community feeling as well. In fact, you will find it as an easy task to blend together with the locals and enjoy the time that you are spending in here. Locals at Sac County often prefer to engage with fun-filled events and activities. You can experience them while you are spending your time with farming. Hence, you cannot call Sac County as a boring place to live as a farmer.

  • St. Lawrence County in New York

Some might assume that New York is not the best state for farming. But if you can take a look at the farming opportunities offered to you by St. Lawrence County, you will change your mind. There are some great farmlands available for sale in St. Lawrence County. It is up to you to go ahead and purchase the farmlands that match with your interests.

Raising your family while you engage with farming in St. Lawrence County will not be a major challenge as well. There is a decent school system in here. On top of that, you will notice how you are provided with the basic facilities to enjoy your life as well. Hence, you will never regret about the decision taken to move all the way to St. Lawrence County and engage with farming activities.

If you are a person who loves arts, you will be impressed with what St. Lawrence County is offering as well. That’s because there are numerous places available for you to spend your time with arts, such as the Fredric Remington Art Museum. Moreover, St. Lawrence County is delivering a large number of recreational activities, so that you will never get bored with the time that you are spending in here. Some of the best examples for such recreational activities include fishing and hunting.

However, you should keep in mind that purchasing land for farming in the winter is not something possible at all. That’s because winters can be extreme in St. Lawrence County.

  • Union County in South Dakota

Both Big Sioux River and the Missouri River have been able to deliver fertile land for the people who wish to engage with agricultural activities here in Union County. You will also notice how the region is providing you with stunning topographical views. Due to the presence of rich and fertile soil, you will not have to deal with any major challenges when you are engaged with farming activities here in Union County. In fact, you can get the most out of your farming activities and enjoy what you do as well.

Even though Union County is a rural town, you will notice how it has been able to achieve a lot in the past. For example, there is an excellent education system here in Union County. On the other hand, you will also be able to find a great atmosphere for raising a family. You can cater to the needs of all your family members and proceed with raising your family without a challenge.

  • Gillespie County in Texas

Most people prefer to purchase farming lands that are available in Texas. Some of the farming lands in the state are expensive. If you are not ready to spend a lot of money for purchasing farming land in Texas, you may take a look at farming land available in Gillespie County. This is a beautiful county where you can discover a large number of farming lands. It is possible for you to go through the options available in the state and then proceed with getting what you want.

There are numerous events taking place within Gillespie County as well. Hence, you can think about calling it as a vibrant community. You will never feel worried about the decision that you take to purchase farming land. The farming lands are supported by the river. You will never find it as a challenging task to get water for farming activities. On the other hand, the river has been able to deliver rich and fertile soil for the people who are interested in farming activities as well.

Even when you take a look at the history of Gillespie County, you will be able to see how the people have been able to maintain a rich agricultural heritage. You can be inspired by them and proceed with your farming activities.

  • Randolph County in Illinois

Among the best farming lands that we can recommend in the country, Randolph County is offering perfect options. You will not have to spend too much of money for purchasing farming land in Randolph County as well. You just need to browse through the options and then purchase that ideal plot of farming land, without spending too much of money out of your pocket.

Living in Randolph County is closely associated with nature. You will be able to enjoy the time with farming. The soil and other elements that you can find in here are ideal for farming as well. On the other hand, we can see how agriculture is driving the overall economy of the region as well. It is supported by the river transportation. In other words, transporting the crops that you produce will never be a challenge as you have the freedom to seek the assistance of the river for it. Even the local administration laws are favorable for the farmers who are trying to get the most out of their farming activities.

  • Warren County in Pennsylvania

Warren County is offering excellent farming land, which are enriched by the Allegheny River. On the other hand, this river is contributing a lot towards the picturesque beauty that you can find in the region as well. In fact, you will fall in love with the beautiful sceneries that you can witness from the farm that you have in Warren County.

Breathtaking beauty that you can experience in Warren County will be taken to the next level with rich soil available. You will be able to use the farming land you purchase for numerous farming activities. The winters and summers are mild in Warren County, which will further assist you with farming.

Apart from farming, Warren County is quite popular for outdoor recreational activities. For example, people often come here for camping and fishing. It will be possible for you to get along with them and enjoy the farming adventures offered on your way. You will also be able to engage with snowballing and skiing during the winter season.

  1. Barren County in Kentucky

Friendly residents and availability of excellent farming lands help people to go ahead and make the decision for getting farming land in Barren County without keeping a doubt in mind. You can also see how the region is backed up with a rich historical background. In the recent past, the economy of the region skyrocketed with thriving businesses. Hence, you will be able to find favorable conditions for farming and raising a family.

You can start your own farm and move here along with all your family members. Then you will be able to provide your kids with the opportunity to experience an excellent educational system. In fact, students who secure the best scores in the state are from Barren County.

Final words

Farming is a rewarding experience. You don’t have to spend a lot of money out of your pocket for farming because of the presence of a large number of cheap farming land. Take a look at these counties and spend your money to get the farming land you want.   


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