If you’re thinking about buying cheap Lands in America that wouldn’t break your bank, you need to know “what’s the catch?” Firstly, since the Global Financial Crisis in 2007-2008, there has been a uniform increase in real estate price. 

Several factors are involved in determining the pricing of any property. That, in essence, is why some properties are way expensive while others are way cheap. If you’ve ever heard realtors complaining about location, you should know there’s something about it. A piece of land in an unoccupied area – void of hospitals, schools, buildings, and electricity – tend to be at a much reasonable price compared to the same land area in a commercial center. The availability of these basics drastically affects the costs of lands. In the market, certain lands with access to wildlife tend to be a bit pricey. That is obviously due to their revenue-generating potential.

Here is a list of states where you can get the cheapest Lands in the US

Before we get there, you should keep in mind that these lands are cheap, mainly because of their location and condition. Many of these lands don’t have basic amenities and are practically lonely to live on. That is, you wouldn’t find a lot of people there. Although the lands may be cheap and their prices can cause your heart to beat faster, here’s the deal. Suppose you consider the cost of transiting from your home to the city to get basic needs, maintenance fee, cost of building your house from ground level, farm restoration, setting up an effective irrigation system or grazing grounds for the cattle, and others. In that case, they may end up being more expensive in the long run. Frankly speaking, these cheap Lands are mostly prime lands for investors because they prefer building their enterprises from scratch or just fixing some properties which will be sold at a much higher price later on. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect state for the cheapest Lands where you can invest your time, money, and energy.


If the price is all you care about, Marquette, Kansas, is your best bet. Their lands are currently offered at an amazingly cheap amount that will make you think they’re free. Here in Kansas, many land sales are presently happening. However, the downside is that there are so many open and vacant spaces instead of buildings and people. Plus, if you want to claim full ownership of land there, you would have to build a house from scratch and occupy it for at least one year.


For every five years in Camden, Maine, 24 people are employed by the town. As a result, they offer about 2.8 acres of land to any person who brings business to the city. This free land program is to encourage more businesses and invariably create more employment. The downside here is that you need a down payment of $175,000. However, the town will refund the money once you fulfill all their requirements and are accepted for their payroll.


This is an area known for its waterfront. If you’re a fan of waterfront properties, you should definitely keep an eye on Oregon. With plenty of raw lands in the North Bend region, investors are beginning to pick interest in this state near the Adventure Coast. One key feature about the lands here is that they are close to cities. And this means easier access to amenities. There are lots of vacant lands near the ocean for those who’d rather be 3 hours away from Seattle.


If you’re looking to set up your farm and want some reasonable land prices in the market, look no further than Louisiana.  Most preferably, if all you want is a small farm. However, the downside is that some areas in Louisiana are off the map. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to find fertile soil, scenic square fields, or even an effective irrigation system. You may need to invest time, energy, and resources to get the land to fit your taste. If you’re interested in getting cheap ranches, you should check out lands in Idaho. As per ranches, you should look for a prime location. One that its lands are large enough to contain open spaces for livestock, grazing land, a good source of water, and amenities within close range. That is most probably why it is difficult to find cheap ranches, like farms. However, you can find affordable ranches available for sale within Idaho at reasonable prices on our website


Have you ever heard of cheap Lands? If you haven’t heard about Nevada, then the story isn’t complete. With lands as cheap as $157 per acre, it takes “cheap Lands” to another level. The downside, however, is that the lands are plain ole lands. Some of its features include; little to no vegetation, plains in the far distance, and hot as hades. Additionally, you’d have to buy the lands in bulk.

Risk strategies for online land sales

Have you seen some land listings online? Here’s what you should do before going to check them out. First, know the purpose of that piece of land you are about to purchase. Do you want to build a house, school, or farm? Would you like to build a house for residential purposes? For your family or to lease it out? Maybe you want to buy, fix, and then flip it. Whatever the purpose is, you need to know it first. Secondly, when you come across any property that interests you, check the details well. Check its location, size, shape, neighborhood, and other relevant information. Based on your need, some details may be more important than others. Remember to check what’s essential to your purpose. Before you sign the agreement, you should probably get to the place and see what it looks like for yourself.

Check the ground and how solid and sustainable it is. Is it contaminated by asbestos or other chemicals? Check! What about access to utilities? Are there any access points to public areas like schools, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.?  All these are essential if you want to make sure your financial and time investment doesn’t end up wasted. Get to know the zooming restrictions on your future property – like the height of your preferred structure, floor area ratio, lot coverage, and accessory structures (such as pools, garages, etc.). Keep in mind that you’d be building your property from scratch, and this means lots of expenses to incur with no immediate revenue to generate.

If you want to buy any property, the golden rule to make the right decision is to ask as many questions as possible. Do enough research, talk to the right people, find the perfect location, get a good realtor to guide you before you make your decision. If you do this, you will end up investing in a valuable property.


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